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Posts from — September 2002

Sorry Boy

Yea, this was my idea, I just didn’t think Sherri would actually do it. I’m putting my foot down when it comes to rain slickers and rubber boots though. Yea, like that would do any good.

September 17, 2002   Comments Off on Sorry Boy

Pyramid Scheme

Well, I was hoping they’d finally find the secretes of Atlantis tucked away at the end of the tunnel, but it looks like they just found another door. Bah, I think it’s the government hiding evidence of aliens. That or an really old toilet :-).

September 17, 2002   Comments Off on Pyramid Scheme

Iraq Agrees; White House Scoffs

I watched part of Bush’s speech to the U.N. and listened to what he listed as demands. Apparently, so did Iraq. Of course time will tell if they are sincere, but it’s a possible step. Of more concern to me is the White Houses response to Iraq, one of disbelief. It seems that Bush wants a war with Iraq. Perhaps he has evidence linking Iraq to 9/11. Maybe he has evidence of nuclear capabilities. Or maybe he’s just wants to fight. I don’t know. I think it will be very telling of the type of man Bush in the next couple of weeks.

September 16, 2002   Comments Off on Iraq Agrees; White House Scoffs

Bigger and Better

It’s amazing what they can do with a little bit of technology. The question I have, though, is: do you have to keep your original size or can you “upgrade”?

September 16, 2002   Comments Off on Bigger and Better

Switching Back

The only time I see it as acceptable for a vegetarian to start eating meat is when that person is a vegetarian for health reasons. Excuses like it tastes good or it’s too much of an inconvenience are poor excuses for returning to a meat diet. I do have to accept that it happens. I did like how the article had a comment from the VP of the American Meat Institute as if it absolved people. There is a wee bit of “conflict of interest” going on. Further she goes on to talk about the federal laws prohibiting the inhumane slaughter of animals. Anyone who has read Fast Food Nation knows that humane is probably not a word that should be used in conjunction with the meat industry. But then again, wouldn’t I feel like a fool if that book turned out to be wrong :-).

September 16, 2002   Comments Off on Switching Back


Okay, it doesn’t have a fedora, but still this little robot shows how technology can solve previously difficult hurdles in history. Now I want to know what’s at the end of the pyramid’s shaft.

September 13, 2002   Comments Off on Indie!

Buzz Cut

I’ve always wondered if Buzz Aldrin had a lot of pent up anger by being know as the “second man on the moon”. Looks like he might. Then again, I gotta wonder what it’s like to be that guy who had to stay in the orbiter. You know, what’s his name.

September 13, 2002   Comments Off on Buzz Cut


Your next stop The Twilight Show. I love syncronicity. If anything points to the existence of a higher power it’s that coincidences like drawing 9-1-1 on the anniversary of 9/11 :-).

September 12, 2002   Comments Off on 911

Games for You! (In Greece)

Looks like the courts overturned Greece’s electronic gaming law. I’m actually surprised at how fast it occured. I think it’s actually funny that people were arrested for playing chess. Talk about civil disobedience :-).

September 11, 2002   Comments Off on Games for You! (In Greece)

Mandela and Iraq

I agree with Nelson Mandela in this article. I am a firm believer in the concept of the United Nations and that because we live on a single planet, we must abide by certain laws. To that end, when a couple of rogue countries (in this case the U.S. and U.K.) decide to depose another countries leaders without the consent of the rest of the world, then we lose all ability to demand justice. In the end there can’t be justice without some common law, in our case, the United Nations.

September 10, 2002   2 Comments