Safari on Windows

Apple Safari has been released on Windows. I have to wonder why. Unless it’s tied to the iPhone, it just doesn’t really offer much for the average user of a Windows PC. Those who venture outside of an OSs default broswer generally go for Firefox because of it’s shear expandability.

I installed it on my Windows system and it’s Safari. Nothing extraordinary, though it has a non-standard Windows window, using the brushed metal theme. Curiously enough, it can only be resized from the lower right-hand corner, a massive weakness of OS X in general. I don’t recall if iTunes has the same problem, but it might.

Again, why was Safari released on Windows?

–Edit– Now I understand. The iPhone runs Safari apps. Apple wants to have a maximum number of developers, including those on Windows only. Instead of requiring the buy a Mac, they can just develop in Safari for Windows. That’s how it is tied to the iPhone.