MobileMe vs. Google Apps

I’ve been using Google Apps for Domains for some time now.  I use it for email, contacts, and calendaring.  My wife has her own gmail account and uses it for it’s calendaring service.

I also use Spanning Sync to synchronize my Apple Address Book and Cal applications to my gmail accounts.  I do this because it allows me to sync up my iPhone with my gmail information.  It works, but it’s clumsy.  Ideally there would me a transparent syncing between my iPhone and my Google apps services.  But it doesn’t exist.  So now I have to manually connect my iPhone to my Mac to get updated on everything.

So when MobileMe was announced, I was immediately drawn to the seamless syncing between a web based application set, my Mac, and my iPhone.  I like the ability to edit a contact on my iPhone and have it appear on my Mac automatically.

But I don’t want an account to be my main account.  I’ve had for years and have a have used it for my email for the entire time.  I don’t want to change it.

So until MobileMe actually comes out, I won’t know if it will allow customized domains for email (which .mac doesn’t currently allow).

There may be a work around.

First I will have to set up my iPhone and to use MobileMe.  Then I will have to configure both to use the gmail smtp servers instead of the MobileMe server for sending mail.  This will allow me to send email from my account.  Finally I will have to forward all email from my gmail account to the account.  It’s clumsy, but it might work.

Then again I might not use it at all if it doesn’t prove manageable.