Vegan Bigotry

Atheists are often noted as being the only minority that people can still be bigoted against.  Actaully, I think there is another, vegans (and to a lesser extent vegetarians).  The news is ripe with articles of parents who abuse thier kids with “vegan diets”.  People have written op-eds talking about the dangers of veganism on growing children and how it’s cruel to force them to not eat meat.  A father was recently convicted of negliget and reckless child abuse because his children were fed an improper diet, which also happened to be vegan.  The title of the article is “Dad convicted for feeding kids vegan diet”.  The reality is that the father was feeding them an improper diet.  Another article points out that the father had “a daily regimen with the children that included prayer, study, chores, exercise and rigid adherence to diet, right down to what liquids they could drink and when.”  This isn’t the fault of a vegan diet, it’s the fault of a neglectful parent.

But the title doesn’t grab peoples attention, it doesn’t re-affirm peoples belief that veganism is somehow wrong.  Using “Dad convicted for feeding kids vegan diet” grabs more eyes then “Religious father convicted for neglectful parenting”.  The truth is this, and all the other vegan parenting convictions, are convictions based on a perception that veganism is somehow a bad diet that should be looked down upon.