When I was a kid I was in Webelos. After our troop had “graduated” to become eligible to join the Boy Scouts, my parents gave me a choice. I could either go with the rest of my Webelo buddies and join troop 799 or I could join another troop (where I didn’t really know anyone), called 299. Of course, I chose 799. That apparently was the wrong decision, cuz my parents made me go to 299. Kind of sounds like what Bush is doing with Iraq. Last week he gave an set of ultimatums to Iraq which basically said let in inspectors or the UN should wage war on you. Iraq then said “sure, send in the inspectors”. Now Bush is saying: “No, wrong answer. We want a war”. Don’t get me wrong, I doubt Iraq will cooperate fully, but I think that it is comical that Bush gave them a choice, they chose the wrong answer (which probably confused the Bush administration to no end), and so Bush wants to go to war. Why give them a choice in the first place? Why did my parents give me a choice? Do I have issues?