Double Edged Sword

For those who care, Amina Lawal is a woman convict of adultery (proved by her having a child out of wedlock) and sentenced to death. The man accused of being he lover was set free. Here is more information. I do hope that she is eventually set free.

But I wanted to talk more about the man involved in the case. My initial reaction was “why is the man going free”. It’s a bit of a double standard to say that the woman should die, but not the man. The problem is that with a woman, it can be a simple case of proving she had premarital sex. If she’s pregnant, she did (barring rape). But how can you tell if a man had premaritial sex? There’s no simple test other then witness or admission. Therefor, with lack of other evidence, you have to not convict the man.

Either way, no one should be killed for having premarital sex. I don’t even think it’s a crime.