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Sue Me Once, Sue Me Twice

I believe the DMCA is a bad law, not because it attempts to protect the copyright holders, but because it’s written in such a way that publishing a report on copy-protect can get a researcher sued. Case in point, the recent report on flaws in the copy protection methods of SunnComm’s MediaMax CD3. SunnComm has decided to persue legal action against the researcher under the DMCA. As Slashdot has pointed out, holding down the shift key is now a felony.

Looking over the SunnComm website, I can’t help but draw a couple of conclusions. 1. The company seems to be run by marketing people, giving more credence to flash and bang then any real technological innovation. They use slogans like “Lightyears Beyond Encryption” and “Can you Hear the Future…We Can”, along with a large amount of Flash animation. 2. Their “Ask the Prez” section smacks of lead questions. In other words, the questions seem more like they came from the marketing department to emphasize the value of the company and its technology.

In the end, I’ve decided that this is a company that is run by people more concerned with making money through flash and bang then technological innovation. As a result when someone, like the researcher above, puts a damper on them, they sue to keep their money flow.

Gotta love companies some times.