3-Parent Child

One of the most amazing things about technological advances is the ethical quandary it puts on people. Take, for example, the concept of the 3-Parent Child. Technology has advanced to the point that a nucleus of the egg from a woman can be placed inside the egg of another woman (after that nucleus has been removed). The hybrid egg, which now has two genetic mothers, can be fertilized with sperm, giving that child the genes of a third person, the father. The child now has three parents. The entire concept seems amazing, especially to women who can’t maintain a normal pregnancy due to “bad eggs”, giving them a chance to give birth to a child with their own genes.

This causes all sorts of uproar among opponents of this technology, saying that such a child would have be subject to physical and emotional trauma as they grow up. Of course, the trauma would be inflicted upon the child by the opponents, but that point is never really brought up. Beyond ethical, it also brings up legal issues which I don’t think people are ready to address. Ultimately, I have to say that this is good technology.