Surreal Flight

I went to DC at the beginning of August. During the second leg of the trip there, the pilot came on the intercom and announce we had to turn back due to an indicator. It turned out that one of the engines was overheating. I wouldn’t have known that except one of the flight attendants reassured us that the plane could still fly with one engine. I didn’t know that was an option that we might have to take and I didn’t want to know. I was quite happy with knowing there was a warning light was on and that we’d be safely returning to the airport. In that situation, ignorance is bliss.

So imagine the horror of the passengers on JetBlue Flight 292 who had the opportunity to watch the live analysis of their plane as it tried to land with defective landing gear. Imagine the fear that built up as FoxNews offered “Fair and Balanced” analysis of how the plane could catch on fire. It would be a surreal flight and represents the meta-experiance media is providing us. I am reminded of the movie “Amazon Women on the Moon” where one of the characters tunes the TV to a Ebert and Roeper type review of of his life and death. As Danny Bonaduce said “you haven’t lived until you are listening on the radio the high-speed police chase you are currently in”.