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I Love Time Machine

Monday, January 21st, 2008

Inevitably it had to happen. I had to break OS X. It wasn’t intentional, but it was a mistake. I had this idea to strip the PPC code from the Universal Binaries since I was running an MacBook Pro. I downloaded an app (I can’t remember which) and it went through all the applications on my box and pulled out the PPC code. It worked fine with no noticeable effect on the system (other then to free up space).

Until last Friday. I attempted to install Giggles Shapes for my son to play with. It uses a patch to install on 10.5, which refused to work. Looking in the logs I could see that AppleScript (which the patch was compiled with) was trying to call the PPC versions of various files. So I was stuck with a broken OS (this this problem will happen again, eventually). My only option was to re-install.

So I used Carbon Copy Cloner to back up my entire drive to a USB backup. I then broke out the 10.5 installation disk and started to install. The third or forth window in (after I told it to format the drive), the installation asked if I wanted to restore from a Time Machine backup. Well that’s just keen.

So I chose to use the backup. I selected my apps and documents and clicked install. Almost everything returned without a problem (usboverdrive required a reinstall). Gotta love Apple.